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Resilience & ‘Peopleship’

What a challenging, and for many, devastating week the beginning of March 2022 has delivered to many in our beloved Australia, and the rest of the world.

Many aspects of our lives continue to shift in ways we didn’t ask for and have had no input into, since a bit before the 2020s began.

Whilst we know that “change is the only constant”, the rapid, surprising, sometimes detrimental changes we’re experiencing have uncomfortably pushed us farther than we may have imagined.

Unease, fear and disruption are on one side of the column, yet it’s the other side of the column that is the silver lining in these unprecedented times we are in.

The other side of the column includes: ingenuity, camaraderie, ‘peopleship’ (aka fellowship, I took the liberty of renaming it in writing this post 😉 and most importantly our personal and professional ability to be resilient.

Resilience. Noun
1. The power or ability of a material to return to its original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.
2. The ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes, etc.; buoyancy.
3. The ability of a system or organization to respond to or recover readily from a crisis, disruptive process, etc.

Re-read the definitions above.

In what areas have you, your company and your clients excelled at being resilient?  Take the time to acknowledge and recognize these.

What areas have outdated systems or situations revealed themselves, to then be forced into retirement as we’ve pivoted to new solutions?  Farewell these and thank them for serving you when relevant.

What systems, guidelines, skills and resources have been able to support and sustain us, our company’s and our client’s growth?  Keep these in your ‘toolbox’, refresh, nurture and grow them. They allow us to stay true to our professional purpose to:
1. Build great long-lasting relationships
2. Do great work for our clients
3. Make money for the agency

As I beam a big ‘silver lined’ smile out to all of you in our Peopleship, I thank you and applaud your Resilience.  For your resilience is what truly lifts yourself and collectively all of us up!

– Laura