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I’ve been reflecting on the old saying “Is the glass half empty or half full?”

When I think about the saying, I realise my initial thoughts represent my own self-judgement.  “Hmmm why am I seeing my glass as half empty, why am I noticing what I’m not doing/receiving/getting, instead of what I am?”

The dialogue often continues: “Is it my self-talk, or real?  Am I predisposed to be negative?”

These ‘half-empty’ thoughts can often lead to spiraling into more negative thoughts.  And we all know what happens when we’re full of negative thoughts – they become all we can see, cloud our view, stifle us, and frankly can manifest into negative realities – because we believe our perception to be our reality.  This, I believe is a large part of why we feel overwhelmed.

However, perception is biased.  It’s based upon one’s cognition or understanding, and we all know that when that little unhelpful voice in our heads is negative, we often believe it.

We might find ourselves making up stories in our heads to reinforce our perception.  Example: you submitted some work you are proud of to your client, the response you received in return was minimal. It was not the response you hoped for. Your perception turns to the negative and your mind starts spiraling with your negative bias thoughts.

But wait a minute, why is this all about you? Why are your thoughts correct?  Maybe your perception is biased? Maybe your client has a myriad of other things occupying them that have nothing to do with you or the work you submitted.

What someone else thinks or experiences is rarely what we perceive nor is it about us.

The negative ‘half-empty’ glass is actually ‘half-full’.  The work is completed and approved. Pat yourself on the back.

Move on to your next task without self judgement. These biased perceptions are reducing your confidence and productivity.  They create unnecessary overwhelm that can cascade and the mind-rollercoaster restarts itself.

Pause, reflect and wear the other person’s hat.  Changing your perception will assist you to:

  1. Build great long-lasting relationships (even with yourself 😉 )
  2. Do great work for your clients’
  3. Make money for the company

I encourage you to drink half a glass of water, hydrate, nourish and shift your perception.

– Laura