Mastering the Craft
of Client Service

Your team will gain knowledge and skills in the best practice aspects of Client Service:


  • wearing multiple hats

  • improving productivity

  • creating healthy working relationships

  • on-boarding clients

  • up-selling clients

  • developing the craft of how to say ‘No’

  • dealing with challenges and conflicts

  • managing upwards and sideways

  • learning how to respond versus react


Implementing these skills/teachings will provide consistency, structure and scalability for your agency’s growth as well as provide professional and personal development for your team.

A best practice training course to upskill your teams professional and personal client service capabilities.

Course Experience and Inclusions

Our master Training course is personalised for your company, including pre and post engagement with your team via email and live video stream (or in person).



  • 6 x 2 hours.
  • Facilitated by Laura Peck
  • All sessions are interactive including: Reflection, participation, theory, frameworks, discussion, practice, inclusion and mindfulness techniques


Session Topics:

  • All about You and the Agency
  • Boundaries and Behaviour
  • Conflicts and Escalation
  • Meetings and Etiquette
  • 2 additional experiential rounds across all topics


Reference Materials:

  • Processes
  • Frameworks
  • Theory
  • Best practice guidelines


Customised learnings:

Pre assignment allowing team and management to contribute to the key learning outcomes based on identifying current client service and internal issues or challenges


Measurement of progress and learnings:

  • Post course assignment for team and management to reflect on the key learnings gained and what they are doing or will be doing differently
  • 3-months post training email check-in for progress update from team members

Insights for Agency Management:

  • Post training report provided with insights and suggestions for how Agency Management can support the team and their overall growth



  • Ongoing Monthly group sessions via video call
    – Monthly musings set the theme
    – Mindfulness
    – Self-reflection via notebooks
    – Reinforcement of key learnings (varied)
    – Discussions and Role Plays
    – New learnings and insights
    – Post monthly session recap email with key points
    – Recorded sessions for revisiting or new employees
  • 1:1 Mentoring/Coaching for any team members
    – Women as they grow in seniority to navigate themselves and the work environment from a safe and empowered position

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