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Give Yourself a Gift

We’ve often spoken about ‘being or doing the best we can – in that moment’. 

We self-reflected on what that means to us, how we acknowledge or criticise ourselves, often tuning into our ‘inner voice’ and hearing how we may not actually be our own best friend.

Learning, accepting and moving forward is what we strive to embed.


Because generally speaking, we do the best we can in that moment!  There are many moments ahead of us full of possibility.

Preparation, delivery, de-personalising, and owning the end are our tools to assist us to be the best we can….at that time.

Then acknowledging mindfully to ourselves that we did the best we could in that moment we give ourselves a gift we deserve!

In giving ourselves that gift, we in turn are building our capability to manage ourselves and our clients professionally.

This is our job in Client Service.

When we criticise ourselves too often, we are out of balance and erode our confidence.  When we accept we ‘did the best we can in that moment’ we maintain balance and are able to stay true to our professional Client Service purpose, to:

  1. Build great long lasting relationships
  2. Do great work for our clients
  3. Make money for the agency

Consider what the ‘gifts’ are you’d like to give yourself professionally?

Are they in the areas of communication to yourself or others?

In building up your empathy?

In embodying the hats you’re wearing and choosing the right hat for each situation?

In setting and managing boundaries and building your capacity to say ‘no’ professionally?

In how you handle conflict?

In your professional etiquette?

What are the benefits you will experience from these gifts?

And what are the benefits your colleagues and your clients may experience from the gifts as a ripple effect of what you’re providing to yourself?

The additional gift I ask you to consider, is to point your reflection upon what you personally and as a team have achieved in consideration of your company values & traits?

Note separate examples or situations in which the values and/or traits were achieved by you.  What is an example of one that you acknowledge?

How exciting to GIFT yourself positive reflection tied with a bow of positive anticipation.

I thank you all for providing me one of the best ‘gifts’ of my year through trusting me to join you on your professional journey in building up your skills and authentically embracing the Craft of Client Service.

– Laura