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New Year, new possibilities.

Just reading the sentence above makes me smile. Repeat it to yourself or reread it and see how you feel?  “New year, new possibilities.”

There is a lightness in contemplating new possibilities for most of us.  This could be a daily gift to give ourselves.

We could change that line to:  New day, new possibilities.

Or even, New moment, new possibilities.

Ahh, just typing this I feel lighter again, as if an internal lovely exhale coupled with a smile is bubbling up inside of me.  The simple act of reframing can have amazing effects!

“New moment, new possibilities.”  I view the lightness and inner smile I’m feeling as a gift for myself and all those I interact with.  Why? Because how we set ourselves up each day or even reset ourselves each moment can resonate far and wide.

Last year I asked you to consider the ‘gifts’ you would like to give yourself professionally and prompted you to ask yourself what stood out for you, as well as to reflect on the benefits for yourself, your colleagues and your clients.

A gift for ourselves we all agreed on is knowing and owning “we did the best we could in that moment”.  If we couple this with expanding ourselves to being open to new possibilities, we in turn expand our capability and our capacity to manage ourselves and our clients professionally.  Which, as you know, is what I believe is the job of Client Service. Thereby, allowing us to stay true to our professional purpose to:


  1. Build great long lasting relationships
  2. Do great work for our clients
  3. Make money for the agency

So, as we enter 2022 why not choose to commence it with a theme of new possibilities, so no matter what our clients may encounter, we are open to the freshness of assisting them to see what is possible!

– Laura