Facilitation & Training

Various types of meetings and occasions greatly benefit from having a facilitator. Whether it is your Company Meeting, Management and/or Team offsite, Strategic Planning, Brainstorming, Prioritisation sessions, Conflict Resolution requirements, Workshops, or Creative Ideation sessions, as a Facilitator, Laura assists your group to move towards its goals.

The process of facilitation is to have a person who is acceptable to all participants, who is neutral, has no significant decision-making authority yet identifies and intervenes to help the group improve how it identifies issues, solves problems and makes decisions to accomplish mutual goals in the available time.

As a facilitator for you, the following will be considered:

  • » Help your group to define its purpose and desired objectives for the meeting
  • » Designs processes for your group to meet its goals, create products, or make decisions
  • » Guide the group discussions to keep meeting participants on track by asking key questions and reminding the group of its stated goals
  • » Ensures that group assumptions are stated and tested, and that all participants' voices are heard
  • » Acts as a "neutral party" that has no stake in the outcome of a meeting
  • » Takes notes to record key points of conversation and group decisions
  • » Help your group implement a plan to carry out decisions made at a meeting

Applicable to any service related businesses but with a heritage in working with Agency and Media Sales professionals, I have been training for over 8 years on various topics including: Client Service, Account Growth, Media Advertising Sales, Negotiations, Productivity, and Management

I create and run customised training sessions for individuals, small businesses, agencies and media companies wanting to deliver excellent client service and client profitability.

Experience has shown that the most productive training programs are bespoke and address specific gaps in the skills of your staff. While using a general topic framework for areas for training, as part of the process we will collaborate to refine these principles to the specifics of your company's needs. Determining these specific needs can be done via surveys and/or in-person interviews with staff or through a thorough briefing with management prior to developing the programs.

At times, closing specific gaps requires support and attention beyond the group training environment and this is where one-on-one coaching can be especially effective.

Relizer Training
Realizer Training
I'm honoured to work with whom I consider to be the best training company in Australia - Realizer. Realizer specialises in the following topics:

  • » Decision-Making
  • » Creativity
  • » Productivity (flow)
  • » Management
  • » Strategic Selling
  • » Negotiations
  • » Presenting

I train and facilitate some of Realizer's workshops in Negotiations, Management, and Productivity. If any of Realizer's services are of interest to you please contact Laura for further information and introductions.

Let's work together.