It's equally important to work on your business as it is to work in your business.

Laura Peck

E&L Services

Business Coaching

Whether you're a sole-trader, a small business or a large enterprise, business coaching can help you define and achieve your business goals and grow.

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Career Advice, Coaching & Personal Development

Advice that is geared towards helping you grow yourself and your career, answer the hard questions you're currently pondering, and most importantly, achieve the goals you set.

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Facilitation & Training

Various types of meetings and occasions greatly benefit from having a facilitator. Whether it's facilitating one of your meetings or providing customised training on a variety of business topics, I assist to identify issues, solve problems and make decisions to accomplish your mutual goals.

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Consulting: Management, Marketing, Media & Publicity

Whether the challenges are leadership, general management, client service, recruiting, business-development, or marketing related, I will work with you to ensure that you'll get appropriate advice to move forward and implement solutions with confidence.

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Community, Fundraising & Events Management

If you want help with your community venture, fundraising or events, please get in touch!

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