Consulting: Management, Marketing, Media & Publicity

Do you want to work more effectively and harmoniously as a team? Do you want to grow your client base? Raise your rates or product value? Get better leads? Figure out how to support your teams to work smarter not harder? Promote and market your business in an effective way?

My experience of 20+ years working in marketing, media and digital agencies in senior management, has provided me an in-depth experience of working with many industries. I work with internal teams, clients, agency management and marketing professionals, and can easily navigate the in's and outs faced on a daily basis.

Through my consulting services, we can clarify what your business needs from a holistic perspective and provide bespoke, personalised advice that is relevant to your priorities, budget and industry. For example, we will investigate and answer questions such as:

  • » What are the things you need to do to differentiate from competitors?
  • » How are your teams working together and how can these be improved?
  • » Do you need to consider specialist skill set hires?
  • » How will you communicate and amplify your message both internally and externally?
  • » What are the practical applications of the message communication, eg are you going to have a weekly product special?
  • » Do you need a sales pitch?

My consulting process:

  1. Discuss and analyse your specific situation.
  2. Once the issue has been clarified, we work together collaboratively via group or individual sessions to find the solution.
  3. I will then create and recommend a prioritised plan to implement the solution.
  4. Once the direction has been established for what is needed, I will then leverage my network to provide referral services to support your ongoing needs in relation to content creation etc.

Key areas of consulting advice/expertise:

  • » Marketing
  • » Advertising
  • » Media
  • » Events, Promotions and Publicity
  • » Productivity

Let's work together.