Career Advice, Coaching & Personal Development

Are you feeling stagnant in your role? Are you ready to move to a more senior position but not sure what to do about it? Have you been dreaming of doing something different but aren't sure how to make those changes? Perhaps you're wanting to negotiate different terms or pay in your current job but you're feeling intimidated to ask?

Career coaches help their clients learn how to find the right job for their needs, but they can also help you begin to decide what you want from a job. They might sit with you to develop a plan for a job transition or a plan to find the new job that will work more easily for the goals you have or the lifestyle you wish to secure. You might need to upgrade your resume or skill set and need some advice on what is required.

I work with my Career Coaching clients on a strictly confidential 1:1 basis. My style is tied to the belief that Coaching is about accountability + advice. The methodologies used provide a combination of coaching techniques, listening, meditation/mindfulness tips, and practical advice.

It is easy for all of us to reflect on what we haven't done/achieved/accomplished instead of what we have. In my experience, effective coaching helps us to not only realise our potential but also reflect upon what we've been unable to see or avoid whilst also helping you see what you truly are achieving.

Working together, your coaching will be geared towards helping you grow yourself and your career, answer the hard questions you're currently pondering and most importantly achieve the goals you set for what you want out of the sessions.

My personal approach as a professional Coach & Consultant is to not undertake nor provide advice or services in areas that are not within the boundaries of my expertise. If during sessions we come across an area that can be better resolved, I will provide other solutions or trusted recommendations.

Let's work together.