I've been in leadership roles for over twenty years and have been coaching, advising, and training small business owners, executives, communications agencies, media companies and a wide range of businesses.

My motivation is to share what I've learned over the years to support your business and personal growth without the growing pains.

My track record of consistent business success in the highly competitive digital and communications industries has allowed me to work globally with clients, agencies, and publishers who are interested in growing their business, themselves, and their teams.

I speak the same language as you. Having lived in the "business" for many years, I get it. You won't need to explain much about your role, your skills and maybe even your challenges. My familiarity with both small and large business involving or requiring management, marketing, advertising, growth, and conflict resolution will help us get to the best solution for your needs.

I have held senior management positions in advertising, digital and media agencies for over 20 years spanning Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. These roles have included Digital Director at Starcom, CEO OneDigital, Marketing Director AOL, and Managing Director Beyond Interactive. The last 6 years I have included training and advising clients such as Realizer, XCOM, LinkedIn, Crystal Castle, Razorfish, Fairfax Digital and Faulkner Media Management.

I love making a difference, forming strong relationships both internally and externally and thinking outside the box to market & sell great products and help people, products and businesses grow.

Over three years ago, my husband, our fur-child and I made the 'sea change' and moved to the Northern Rivers region of NSW (North end of Byron Shire) allowing us to pursue our desires for good quality of life, creative stimulation and giving back. I've been fortunate to both work from home as well as travel for my consulting work. Additionally, we, in conjunction with another couple have started and run a monthly charity event locally where we've donated over a hundred thousand dollars to date, to locally based underfunded NFPs in the NSW Northern Rivers Region (Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink).


  • » I'm driven to help others
  • » I love sharing my hard-earned knowledge with others
  • » I love helping my clients grow and flourish
  • » I'm committed to making a difference to individuals and the community

Education and Professional Development:

  • » Graduate, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) (2015)
  • » Graduate, The Thinking Partnership Course "Time to Think Program" (2015)
  • » Graduate, Sydney Leadership Program, Centre for Social Leadership (2002)
  • » Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Management, San Diego State University (December 1988)

LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/laurapeck

Let's work together.